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martedì 2 giugno 2009

Blogger Buzz-Italiano: Postando in movimento!

Blogger Buzz-Italiano: Postando in movimento!

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  1. Hi Zarko. Nice to meet you on web.
    You are still the same,although you are different. Pls continue to write so I can read about you. Love.

  2. Hi anonimo, just now I saw your message. All of you anonimes are same by the name but different what you write. I'm just wondering if I know you.
    Are you the same? The one that make me a good correction of my italian? If you want, you can answer, otherwise, answer me anyway.

  3. Impossible that you remember me, even if the earth fall and a star realise her dream!

  4. Ok anonimo, it will be as you wish. It is in the human nature to ask, to investigate and hope that from the other side is allways something nice, good, free and happy. I look it in this way. You are verry nice on photo.

  5. For your choral you can try to:
    La Nuova Arca - concerti e didattica musicale
    Associazione Onlus
    Cordo Dante 119- 10126 Torino
    tel. 011/650.44.22 fax 011/65.52.44 e-mail nuovaarca@libero.it - sito: www.nuovaarca.org
    They are financed by the most important association of Turin like Compagnia San Paolo - Fondazione CRT - La Stampa and others.
    Good luck and a good sunday.

  6. www.nuovarca.org and nuovarca@libero.it
    without duoble "a" :sorry.

  7. You have a child!!!
    What's a wonderful notice.
    I'm very happy for you and I'm sure that you are a very special Daddy.

    Have you a nice week end